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From stone to sand

From Stone to Sand is a series of episodes dedicated to feelings of nostalgia and melancholia, longing for something that one cares for, the awareness of impermanence of all the things, empathy towards them, the transient gentle sadness that accompanies the realization of the end being the reality of life, the overlapping of 'saudade' and 'mono no aware', the 'aah-ness of things, life and love', the appreciation of its beauty. Every episode various artists share their personal interpretation of 'stone becoming a sand' through sound, pictures, videos, drawings and their thoughts from life.

<Mor Wen ~ May 2o21>

It was the beginning of the pandemic since a message pop up in the Soundcloud inbox. B. based in Amsterdam asked me whether I plan any upcoming releases after stumbling upon Uhra ~ track about imaginary world that I made in deep isolation and in one of the lowest points of my life. Finishing that track was closing a painful chapter with a hope for the new beginning. After months deep into pademic B. asked me whether I would like to come to play at Garage Noord once things open up during autumn. Such proposal brought a lot of excitement although travelling abroad was still not clearly mind~graspable ~ restrictions were fluctuating every week, and there was still a cripping lack of stability.


We played on the same weekender with Derozan but missed each other's sets and got connected later on through listening to each other's mixes somehow through the virtual world.

<Derozan~ o7.o3 2o21>

Hey hey,

Sorry for the messy overview but here are some pictures and videos that show my daily life with friends and interaction with objects. Not everything needs to be there, you can pick whatever you like.

For this mix I asked my friends for their favorite ambient related songs that they have been listening to these last days. As a result, 50 percent of the mix is selected by friends or I remembered a moment I shared with them with that particular song in mind and the other half is my own selection. The idea behind this is that I want to appreciate these moments I had with them and blend it all together in a deep listening format. In my earlier years I always recorded ambient mixtapes which stayed with me for the past years. So, in some way this is like an ode to those years I started enjoying ambient and deep listening to diving further into the experimental side of music. 

My friend is willing to make tapes of this mix and share it with the friends who I have asked to contribute. If you are ok with this, maybe we can do a self-released tape just for friends and glory affairs family. I haven't looked into the actual levels of the mix, it might need some adjustments, but I can tell you that it's on play whenever I'm working haha

Thanks so much for asking me to record this mix, it's a special one to me :)

Big hug,


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