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From stone to sand


words by Uriel Kantor + Mor Wen

physical theatre by Marek Strýček + Mor Wen

camera: Xynnh

sound: Drain Melsch by Leven Sign.

Unlikely Records. 1985.

one shot rehearsal for cancelled Zlomvaz Festival

first lockdown



Heraclitus said: "You can n3v33r

step in the same river tw22ce."

I know of this

just as



I will



With each moOOoving embrace 

       the river caresses the pebbles

                ssZzzZzleeping on its bank

                                                       It's flow never tamed,

                                                              the pebbles on their long journey

to far away seas.





With time,

the river is suddenly

n0 m0re.




°°° from stone to sand ...

    ~~~ from water to air )))

          +++ from life to death ---

                            the voices from within whisper:

'n3v3r m0r3...'

“We fear death, we shudder at life's instability, we grieve to see the flowers wilt again and again, and the leaves fall, and in our hearts we know that we, too, are transitory and will soon disappear. When artists create pictures and thinkers search for laws and formulate thoughts, it is in order to salvage something from the great dance of death, to make something last longer than we do.”

Hesse, H. 1930. Narcissus And Goldmund. Berlin: S. Fischer Verlag.

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