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Mor Wen


free hugging at Glory Affairs,
stir frying pretzels at Vietev,
 cooking soups at Ankali,
blurr purr at 
Planeta Za,
morphing as WyoXen,

 from stone to sand.

<< Mor Wen ~  Nguyễn Mỹ Ngân is a part of Glory Affairs - a morphing group of friends combining various forms of audiovisual creations. The collective's wish is to co-create bonds between both friends and strangers through reshaping different environments into temporary multi-genre fantasy living room meeting points. It combines and plays with sound, movement, cooking, painting, sculpting, costumes, hair dressing, performance and light-hearted humor.
The Planeta Za, Ankali and ex Gravity Network resident oscillates between community building, live performance, sound, video and sculpture collage shaping, DJing by cross genre layering with no bound to beatmatching, keeping the borders between blurred at all times. Among experiences which influenced her practice is a participation in physical theatre, street dance, storytelling, intergenerational movement and cooking workshops, teaching children in Prague’s Vietnamese cultural centre of Sapa and finding joy in seemingly mundane but fascinating everydayness ... >>

QOW invites Mor Wen Cover Flip-01_edited_edited_edited.png

performance~film~physical theatre & so ...

 3oo9~o110 Šrámy / la débattue. Cirkopolis festival. Cirqueon lab. Prague 

  18.~19.o6.24 Šrámy / / la débattue. Korespondance festival. physical theatre and storytelling. Nové Město

    17.~18.o4.24 Šrámy / Děti z bakelitu. Studio Prám. physical theatre, storytelling and exhibition. Prague

      17.o2.24 Jiný světy. Anežský klášter basement. live music for dance performance + closing dj set. Prague

       15.o2.24 Šrámy / la débattue. Cirkopolis festival. Cirqueon lab. physical theatre and storytelling. Prague

       14.o2.24 Šrámy / la débattue. Cirkopolis festival. Cirqueon lab. physical theatre and storytelling. Prague
        29~31o1 Šrámy - děti z bakelitu. residency. castle Žďár nad Sázavou

       12o1 Early Larvae. Anna Ruth & Denis Baštuga performance. live music. Studio hrdinů. Prague

      13.12.23 . interdisciplinary performative festival. club intervention. Ankali. Prague

     29.11.23 Lobster space x Glory Affairs. artworks + merch pop-up / exhibition. Prague

    25.11.23 Festival Norma. Early Larvae. group audiovisual performance. Studio Hrdinů. Prague

   o4.11.23 Glory Affairs x Alternativa Festival. Meetfactory. live physical theatre w/ Stéphanie Nduhirahe + Roman Dzacar. Prague

  16.1o.23 Petrohradská kolektiv. Jedna Dva Tři Gallery. Rendering into Hypersensitivity. live performance. Prague

  o4.1o.23 physical theatre with Stéphanie N'Duhirahe: Šrámy / la débattue. Studio Alta. Prague

  25.o6.23 Radio Smoothie Station at Meetfactory

   15~16.o6.23 physical theatre with Stéphanie N'Duhirahe, Roman Dzacar: Šrámy / la débattue. Zámek Žďár Nad Sázavou

     o1~18.o6.23 festival KoresponDance. physical theatre with Stéphanie N'Duhirahe, Roman Dzacar: Šrámy / la débattue. Cirqueon Lab. Prague

      15.1o.22 ~M(-U-)LTI-HO(~ME~)-M(~U~)LTI-HEAL-(IN)_ oiioiooi. live set+space performance. Studio Alta

       2o.o8.21 XENO. Fuga. Bratislava, Slovakia. live with Xynnh

        summer.21 BCAA system - No Blade of Grass (fictional LARP game film), role Zvěd

       o6.o5.21 until xX_xX Soft Spot exhibition, Ankali & Planeta Za

      o6.o4.21 Audio Listening Session: Untitled (Darkest Hour), Galerie NoD

     29.o9.2o Lunchmeat Festival x Ankali x Glory Affairs

   11.o9.2o Outsideininsideout & Glory Affairs Reunion, Cross Attic

 2o15~2o17 Farm in the Cave: Disconnected. physical theatre. Prague. Czechia / Wroclaw, Poland /

Klaipeda, Lithuania / Helsinki, Finland. static role - one of hikikomori

Intergenerational movement workshops:

o7.11.19 Dialogue between generations, Petrohradská

12.o9.19 Dialogue between generations, Petrohradská


Šrámy/ la débattue / Stéphanie Nyota NDuhirahe & Cie Pieds Perchés


What is remembrance? What do we and what do our bodies hold from different stories of life? How can the history of pain be transposed through generations? How can we speak about this pain?


Šrámy/ la débattue is a site specific research combining circus, physical theatre and visual/video art. Exploring different spaces and playing with stones and ropes, Stéphanie NDuhirahe investigates her own family history and questions the visible and invisible marks that some historic events may have left on her. Šrámy also talks about the process of healing and recovery through talking and sharing.Šrámy is also a collaboration with people from different backgrounds who can bring different perspectives to speak about this theme. The performance is built around the function of a specific place over a specific period of time so the show will always be a new experience and different stories will emerge from each time & place.

concept: Stéphanie NDuhirahe , Cie Pieds Perchéson

stage: Stéphanie NDuhirahe, Nguyễn Mỹ Ngân/Mor Wen, Roman Džačar

invited artist: Angela Nwagbo, Jana Korb, Eliška Mesfin Boušková

outside eye: Marketa Stranská and Morgane Widmer

outside eye for dramaturgy: Melmun Bajarchuu

sound design : Roman Džačar

collaborators: François N'Duhirahe, Valérie N'Duhirahe, Cécile Nduhirahe, Hervé Munz

production: Schmilblick Spolek

supported by: Hlavní město Praha, Ministerstvo kultury ČR, Státní fond kultury ČR, Centrum pro rozvoj choreografie SE.S.TA, Studio ALTA, Cirqueon, KD Mlejn, StationCircus, Lofft- das Theater, Korb+Stiefel. The project is supported by the National Recovery Plan

BCAA System ~  No Blade of Grass {2021}

"To achieve its goal and break through the complex technological infrastructure of its opponent, the group of participants in a role play (so called LARP) game that embodies political sabotage needs to develop creative practices of re-shaping and re-design of casual day-to-day objects.  Through expressive means of (not only) game design, on the edge of a mockumentary, speculative fiction and performance art No Blade Of Grass aims to explore the potential of shared action in space to spark off collective imagination that could potentially lead to real societal changes."

Had the opportunity to be part of this LARP fellowship playing role of Zvěd (Thief/Scout)

live at Petrohradská 2o21

contact microphone

electronic parrot

karaoke microphones

plasma balls

buzzing jack

dissasembled fan

garden bells

metal racks

beer jars

wine glasses





3oo9~o110 Šrámy / la débattue. Cirkopolis festival. Cirqueon lab. Prague

  2oo9 Jednota w/ Sabiwa, Leiw. Prague

   2oo7 Glory Affairs w/ Ran Cap Duoi. Prague 

    o8o6 Louka. Liteň

    17o5 Ankali Anniversary. pluto. Prague

     o8~13o5 ARé fest. residency live performance. Armenia, Yerevan. 

     17~18o4 Šrámy / Děti z bakelitu. Studio Prám. live exhibition. Prague

     16o3 w/ Romantismus 2000, dj set with mic. 25,2 rpm. Prague

     o1o3 Glory Affairs x #noborders. Ankali. Prague

     17o2 Jiný světy. Anežský klášter basement. live music for dance performance + closing dj set. Prague

     15o2 Šrámy / la débattue. Cirkopolis festival. Cirqueon lab. Prague

    14o2 Šrámy / la débattue. Cirkopolis festival. Cirqueon lab. Prague

   o6o2 Tviat. Ola Radio
  29~31o1 Šrámy / Děti z bakelitu. residency. castle Žďár nad Sázavou

12o1 Early Larvae. Anna Ruth & Denis Baštuga performance. live music. Studio hrdinů. Prague.  


       31_12 Letohradská 10 Nye. Prague

     16_12 Phuong Dan night. Arkaoda. Berlin

     13_12 . interdisciplinary performative festival. with Glory Affairs . Planeta Za. Prague

   o1_12 Swim. Prague

  3o_11 Koh I Noor Studios. Unfinished Project ring launch. Prague

  3o_11 Café v lese. Prague

   25_11 Festival Norma. Early Larvae. group audiovisual performance. Studio Hrdinů. Prague
   16_11 pluto. Prague 

    11_11 Compact Disco. Ankali. Prague

       o4_11 Glory Nhạc Gãy Affairs x Alternativa Festival. Letohrads10. Prague

                   live physical theatre w/Stéphanie Nduhirahe + Roman Dzacar. Prague

         31_1o Scuba Halloween. live poetry slam music jam. 25,2rpm

          3o_1o Café v lese basement. Prague

           27_1o Morph Soundsystem. Gólya Presszó. Budapest
            2o_1o Horrorscope with Alicia Carrera. Sameheads. Berlin

            16_1o Petrohradská kolektiv. Jedna Dva Tři Gallery. Rendering into Hyepersensitivity. live performance. Prague
Motsion Ukraine x Radio Punctum. live talk show
             o6_1o No Borders. Planeta Za. Prague

             o4_1o physical theatre with Stéphanie N'Duhirahe: Šrámy. Studio Alta. Prague

             27_o9 Lunchmeat Festival x Ankali x Planeta Za. Prague

            o8_o9 Řehole

           o2_o9 25,2rpm. Prague

          o1_o9 Soft Limits. Ankali. Prague

         25_o8 Glory Affairs x Moody Moon Noize Festival. Chomutov

       o9_o8 Glory Affairs x Filmotéka screening. Swallowtail butterfly. Planeta Za. Prague

      o5_o8 Ankali x Bike Jesus. Bike Jesus. Prague

    o4_o8 AN(8)X. Arkaoda. Berlin

   29_o7 Glory Affairs x Kwia. Berlin

  22_o7 Glory Affairs x KSK. Planeta Za. Prague

 15~16o7 KoresponDance. physical theatre with Stéphanie N'Duhirahe: Šrámy. Žďár nad Sázavou

o7_o7 Glory Affairs. under Prague Metronome

25_o6 live.  Meetfactory

17~18o6 KoresponDance. physical theatre with Stéphanie N'Duhirahe: Šrámy. Cirqueon Lab. Prague

13_o5 -- . Leipzig

 o6_o5 Vitamin. Brno

  xx_o5 Threads Radio mix ~*

   28_o4 Harmony x hereandthere. Prague

     21_o4 Rákosí opening. Brno

     12_o4 Rhytmic Culture podcast mix ~*

      23_o3 Planeta Za. Prague

      o5_o3 Liebig 12. live quintet w/ Shiomi Kawaguchi, Bilwa, Sofie Karlin Schauerte, Cecilia Feng. Berlin

      o3_o3 Sameheads. with YUI, DJ Zhuozhuo/Asian Dope Boys, Autology. Berlin

      o1_o3 Petersburg Art Space. live with William Bilwa Costa. Berlin

     o4_o2 Glory Bazar Affairs with seafur~DJ Slay Mama~Qow~lizwiz~Xynnh~wolk

    o3_o2 Deviant x Ankali. w/ Dis Fig, Claudia, phil in a maze. Prague

   o1_o2 Kiosk radio: Outsiders podcast mix ~*

  27_o1 live with Seleem. kwia. Berlin

12_o1 brœk. xxxster. Berlin



22_12 AVU vánoční večírek. GAVU

16_12 Whiskas ✷ vánoční besídka ✷. Klub Famu

1o_12 Glory Affairs. live w/S-HE,  +w/Lolina~Seleem~Qow~lizwiz~Xynnh. Ankali

o6_12 Callshop Radio stream

o2_12 Refuge Worldwide Euro tour. w/YUI. Ankali

18_11 Aïsha Devi curating Neone. Wonderland w/Restage

   12_11 Glory Affairs. w/Antez~Lidya Emir~lizwiz~línej karel~Ay Lak~Aloïs Yang~Qow~

               ~Xynnh~¥ØU$UK€ ¥UK1MAT$U. Bike_Jesus

     27_1o REIW; Hearing itself. w/lizwiz. Planeta Za

     21_1o ***

    2o_1o Glory Affairs : SKIDZ. Grid

   14~15_10 _~M(-U-)LTI-HO(~ME~)-M(~U~)LTI-HEAL-(IN)_ oiioiooi. live. Studio Alta

                   27_o9 Lunchmeat festival. w/lizwiz <3.Ankali + PZ
                  23_o9 Festival SÝPKA x Trať x MENU. Hradec Králové
                18_o9 D&M wedding <3
              17_o9 Fragile like a Bomb. Ciocia Czesia x Bukolika. Bike_Jesus
             15_o9 Prague art week. Galerie Kvalitář
            14_o9 Prague art week. w/Adam Radz <3. Prague National Theatre
          13_o9 Prague art week. w/ Bénédicte <3 Prague National Theatre piazzeta
        1o_o9 Glory Affairs x Punctum Krásovka
      o9_o9 Glory Affairs x Unizone w/Ancestral vision~notsureyet~Xynnh. Stalin

   o1_o9 no fake id show by YUI. Refuge Worldwide. Berlin

31_o8 Sing Sing Soundsystem. Meetfactory

28_o8 Outsideininsideout. live w/wei kang beh~sonicfiction~yang cheng

14_o8 Ambient Session. Wildt

o5~o7.o8 Bukolika is a dancing plague. Glory Affairs lake station

29~31.o7 Nachtdigital. hybrid w/Sanjin Olganitz

27_o7 Filmotéka: Fallen Angels. Wong Kar-wai

 22_o7~24_o7 Treehouse Party. hybrid b2b Derozan

    21_o7 live w/ Qow. Petrohradská

      15_o7 Deviant. b2b Qow. Planeta Za

        o1_o7 Transforma Festival. Tábor

         17_o6 Ankali Anniversary. b2b lizwiz. Ankali

          28~o5 HEARTNOIZE Tančírna w/ ZULI, Qow, New Magic Media

         o8_o5 Garage Noord x Ankali

         o6_o5 We Are All Emotional. Festival of Performance Art. Divadlo X10

        19~22_o4 (De)Coding Trajectories. art residency, Oyoun Berlin & Perform Europe

       16_o4 Atrium na Žižkově

     o3_o4 workshop: what is the traditional soup? Grid

   o8_o4 Ankali

21~22.o3 Becoming Czech ~ Perform Europe residency final gathering. collaboration with Lora Krasteva, Alma Lily Rayner, Sonya Darrow on the topic of belonging and migration. Terén. Brno

11_o3 Vitamin. Brno

o5_o3 Glory Affairs studio opening. Planeta Za

18_o2 Ankali Reopening

16_o2 ambient all night. Grid

14_o2 Anna Ruth Dernissage. poco. bar

o7_o2 Radio Benska. Ma3azef {R}

26_o1 Radio Benska. Ma3azef

17_o1 Tsunami Recordings. Rinse.FM

Radio Benska x Ma3azef tracklist_edited.png

21~22.o3 Becoming Czech ~ residency on the topic of migration + final gathering. in collaboration with Terén, Perform Europe with Lora Krasteva, Alma Lily Rayner, Sonya Darrow. Brno




24_12 Mutant Radio. Tbilisi.

   11_12 LAS #8 Anniversary, at Farby. Poznań, Poland.

     10_12 Valley Radio mix

      12_11 Alternativa Festival with BCAA system

       06_11 Xion Label. Punctum - Krásovka

      29_10 Fluido IV x Planeta Za

     15_10 Jan Škrob: Země slunce | křest. Punctum - Krásovka

     08_10 Glory Affairs: oiio spirit iooi. Wolf's Throat 

    02_10 Garage Noord. Hard Opening 2. Amsterdam.

   30_09 live. Petrohradská kolektiv

 18_09 Fuchs2 opening weekender

17_09 Deviant Takeover at Mutant Radio mix

29_08 Gãy lovestream. live lockdown stream <3
28_08 OutsideininsideoutinsideoutoutsideiN. _-𝖒(- 𝔲-)𝓵𝓽𝓲-𝕪𝕠(- 𝕦-)𝓾-𝓼-𝓶(- 𝓾-)𝖑𝖙𝖎- ̄ Torhaus Wehlen. Saxon Switzerland

  21_08 HÖR. Berlin
    20_08 XENO. Fuga. Bratislava, Slo
vakia. live with Xynnh

      14_08 Ankali + Planeta Za = <3

        06_08 Bukolika ⁘ β ⁘ ν ⁘ ς ⁘ σ ⁘ ∫ ⁘ ι ⁘ ς ⁘ α²ᵍ²¹, live with Xynnh

         31_07 Glory Affairs ✹ ~ Planeta Za

          07_07 Qow invites to Ma3azef Radio

          19_06 Ankali (New Beginnings) Anniversary, Karlín Jungle

        05_06 BLACK BEEMER > WHITE BOOMER, with Ionai. Galerie Gampa, Pardubice

       23_05 Transmission For Palestine, Ankali x Radio Laude, streamed from Prague

    22_05 Harmony Records: Soirée d'écoute. Summer viewpoint Vyšehrad.

11_03 Olga Krykun: Walk With Me, streamed from Alfred ve dvoře


deviant x mutant radio {mor wen} 2021.png
photo_2021-09-14_23-17-24 (2)_edited_edited_edited_edited.png

closing sun{set} on the floating deck 

︵‿︵ fishes in water ︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿ ︵‿︵ taking the long road home ︵‿︵‿︵ Kink Gong ︵‿︵ dj bingooo ︵‿︵🐟‿︵‿︵ expandcollapse ︵‿︵🐠‿︵‿︵ Macronoise ︵‿︵🐙‿︵‿︵ Xynnh ︵‿ Nahash ︵‿︵‿︵ QOW ︵‿︵‿︵ Death Grips ︵‿︵ Async Figure ︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵ Johann Sebastian Bach ︵‿︵‿︵‿︵ Oneohtrix Point Never ︵‿🌊︵‿︵‿︵ Rafa Miya ︵‿🥦︵‿︵‿︵ Muqata'a مُقاطَعة ︵‿︵‿︵‿︵ Yre Den ︵‿︵‿︵‿︵ Ocomeups ︵‿︵‿︵ Osheyack ︵‿︵‿🦜︵‿︵‿︵‿Dj Plead ︵‿︵‿︵‿ 墮落天使 OST ︵‿︵ GRRL ︵‿︵‿︵‿︵ Siete Catorce ︵‿︵‿︵‿︵ Cop Envy ︵︵‿︵ Art of Noise ︵‿︵‿︵‿︵ Nat King Krule ︵‿︵‿🐦︵‿︵ RAMZi ︵‿︵‿︵🕸‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵ Minor Science ︵‿︵‿︵‿︵ lOOking4nOsyncsync ︵‿︵‿︵🦎‿︵

photo_2021-09-14_23-17-24 (2)_edited.png

°°° to all the soft <3s °°°

QOW invites Mor Wen Cover Flip-01_edited.jpg

8'35" ~ Fabio Perletta

Dawafer ~ QOW

Ancient Ocean II ~ Bedouin Ascent

Al-Quamar ~ COH

Japanese Headset ~ Second Layer

Palestine is our Islamic state ~ Muslimgauze

Majasat Maghmura ~ Muqata'a - مُقاطعة

Akhtuboot ~ ZULI ft. Abyusif

Bano ~ QOW

Violence Detour by Drew McDowall & Hiro Kone

Counting our Sons [Fajir] ~ NO/ON



            18_11 etikett~radio, at Funkhaus Berlin
          31_10 Eiswerder, with Xynnh x Alois Yang
        10_10 Closing of Spodní Světlo
      04_10 Planeta Za
is shivering
    29_09 Lunchmeat Festival x Ankali x Glory Affairs
  11_09 Outsideininsideout & Glory Affairs Reunion, Cross Attic
o5_09 KALT, Strasbourg

27_08 Deviant takeover Year Zero Radio mix
20_08 Radio Punctum terrace stream

15_08 Ankali ~ Planeta Za (opening)
Wrong x BCAA: Secret Rave, live with Xynnh
   07_08 Umami x Pride, Ankali
     01_08 Rush Festival, Altenburg
       31_07 Harmony x nite vibes, live with Xynnh, Retenční nádrž Braník
        26_07 Limity jsme my: Za zdravou krajinu, Bike_Jesus
        26_07 Treehouse Carnival, live with Xynnh
        21_07 Biennale Matter of Art, H40, live + b2b with Xynnh all night long
        16_07 Festival náletových dřevin, live with Xynnh, Invalidovna
       10~12_07 Glory Affairs: Spirit Field, Poland
      18_04 Virtual Healing: XION, Radio Punctum, stream
     04_04 Virtual Healing: Glory Affairs - Spirit, stream
   21_02 PERSONA x Glory Affairs, Hól
  29_01 UMPRUM Artsemester, live with Xynnh, Futurum
25_01 Glory Affairs: Lunar Affair


           31_12 Glory Affairs: Spirit ◞(。•̀ᴗ-)~ 2020 ・ 。 • ✧
             27_12 WAR (Wrong x Ankali x Rare), Ankali
          19_12 UMPRUM Xmas Party, The Sculpture Studio
        13_12 Qarta
      29_11 CUKR modul
     29_11 Fluido #01, Swim
    16_11 Glory Affairs x Radio Laude: Saudade, Laude
    11_11 Mezipatra Queer Film Festival, Patra
     26_10 xxx, Bike_Jesus
       15_10 Mezipatra Queer Film Festival, Patra
         21_09 Zažít město jinak, Petrohradská
          10_09 Glory Affairs: Symbiotik, Bike_Jesus
          04_09 R RATED, Petrohradská
          30_08 FOAF + Goodie Goodie, Kamzíkova
          21_08 Makkali_org, Petrohradská
         19_07 About You, God and Your Dog, The Solution.
        17_07 Glory Affairs: Spirit #4
      18_07 Creepy Teepee Afterparty, Bike_Jesus
    12_07 Glory Affairs: Spirit #3
  28_06 Glory Affairs: Spirit #2

14_06 Umprum: Climate crisis, Anežský klášter


10_03 Glory Affairs: Spirit #1


~ Avatar by ANNA oko RUTH

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