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A 16-hour online event of peace and solidarity, raising funds for charities supporting people in difficulties during COVID.

It’s never easy, but we feel grateful to be healthy, under a roof with food.
We are conscious that some others are going through harsher times, when their physical and mental health deteriorated, when some lives, homes and jobs were lost. Meanwhile, volunteers from non-profit organizations are actively risking their own safety everyday to go out and support people in need, struggling from this new wave and long-lasting isolation.

On Sunday August 29th, we will invite viewers to donate to charities we picked : Saigon Children, Đêm Sài Gòn, Blue Dragon, Oxy cộng đồng Sài Gòn (more information about the charities below). Funds raised will be equally distributed. For this 16-hour event, Gãy commits to donate 16.000.000 VND — generated from previous raves ticket sales — to kickstart the fundraising.
Alongside, we are joining hands with Vietnamese artists from across the country (Hà Nội, Hoi An, Saigon) and across continents (Asia, Europe, North America) to offer a intimate and raw daylong videostream of soft music, contemporary dance and talks about mental health during lockdowns.

Usually channelling ourselves through intense rave energies and hard dance, Gãy will explore the opposite side of the spectrum and will play a wide range of soothing sounds : classical, nhạc trịnh, nhạc đỏ, acoustic, ambient trance, psychedelic jazz, electronica, ritualistic folk, chill hip-hop, massage spa music, downtempo, soundtracks, idm, synth pop, post-club…
Our music for this lovestream will allow you to relax and do other activities in parallel, reading, cooking, writing, napping…


༺ Live music performance ༻
Abi Wasabi (singing), Animistic Beliefs (machines), Attiss Ngô (machines), Xynnh ~ Mor Wen { Glory Affairs } (machines, plasma ball, chopsticks), Kim Dürbeck (machines), Mess (đàn nguyệt & sáo mèo), Mike Pham, Rắn Cạp Đuôi (liquids), Suboi (singing feat. Nodey on machines), Tiny Giant (machines), Vincent Yuen Ruiz (acoustic piano)


༺ DJ sets ༻
Anh Phi, Cel-T, Di Linh, Laifex, Maggie Tra, Minoto, Nodey, ONY, Phambinho, Sức khỏe


༺ Mental Health Talks ༻
“MAI:tri Kể Chuyện Gãy: Giãn Cách Không Xa Cách”
with professional art therapist Linh Hương from Mai:Tri and Miên Phạm (Gãy)


༺ Body movements ༻
X_Bangdang collective


༺ Where? When? ༻
This online event is free to join at:
Sunday, August 29th 2021.
Starting 10.00am (VN time) until night zzzzz.
Timetable to be announced.

We hope to spend some cosy, slow and chill times with you all on that day.
Feel free to join, leave, and come back anytime into the stream.

Stay safe everyone,
Wear masks, get vaccinated and drink water.






༺ Đêm Sài Gòn ༻
Đêm Sài Gòn on helping people who're living on the streets of Ho Chi Minh City. Method of assistance: Distribute cash & commodity donations to needed people via organized missions two nights a week (every night during lockdown). The group accepts volunteers even on a one time basis.


༺ Saigon Children ༻
Saigon Children’s Charity CIO (saigonchildren) was founded in 1992 to help disadvantaged Vietnamese children to get an education and a fairer start in life. Saigon Children works exclusively in Vietnam and is committed to overcoming barriers to education for children, including poverty, geography, knowledge and disability. Saigon Children is offering “COVID backpacks” to thousands of children in COVID-affected areas across Vietnam. In each of these backpacks are food staples to relieve the stress of families that can’t afford food anymore, but also books, stories, and games to take care of the child’s development and mental wellbeing.


༺ Blue Dragon ༻
Based in Hanoi, Blue Dragon's Children Foundation works with survivors of human trafficking across the country and has programs in Hue, Dien Bien and Ha Giang to help street children and vulnerable communities in need. During COVID, food packs will be delivered to families, and ready-made meals delivered to homeless people. Children and families will receive medical supplies, and help to pay their rent until this crisis is over. An emergency food pack costs $15 (± €11 / 340K VND). It contains fruit and vegetables, rice, and staples to keep children and families going. Food will be bought locally, and will include a mix of fresh food and longer-lasting items. For families who are hard to reach, donations will provide a cash grant to buy food at the local market.


༺ Trạm Oxy cộng đồng Sài Gòn ༻
The Saigon Community Oxygen Station provides free emergency oxygen for F0 patients at home in the area while waiting for medical treatment.





༺ MAI:tri Kể Chuyện Gãy: Giãn Cách Không Xa Cách ༻ (Hội An - Saigon, Vietnam)
Miên (Gãy) and Hương Linh (MAI:tri) talk openly about our mental wellbeing during lockdown: coping with self doubt and loneliness, destigmatizing mental health issues and the healing power of art therapy.
Huong Linh is the founder of MAI:tri - a private practice based in Vietnam that provides professional art therapy services integrated with holistic mindbodyspirit practices. Linh graduated from the Master's program in Art Therapy at School of Visual Arts (New York, USA) in May 2020.
Mien is a freelance content creator based in Saigon and a Gãy’s member that work on the collective’s mental health initiatives.


Gãy created an online list of mental health resources featuring information of psychologists, therapists, psychiatrists, clinics, hospitals, self-help apps, as well as videos, podcasts, and reading art; all of which can offer mental health aid in some way. Our hope is that this list can begin to assist you and your loved ones to address and take care of your mental health.


Disclaimer – This list is not intended to be used as a therapy replacement for
people dealing with trauma, abuse, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, and other urgent, life threatening situations. Please seek professional help if you're in crisis, or need help with anything relevant to your personal safety."





༺ X_Bangdang ༻ (Hội An, Vietnam)
X_Bangdang is a gang of young movement lovers coming from different cities and are currently based in Hoian. X_Bangdang (for now) includes: Hoàng Anh, Đắc Phúc, Thương Lê, Nguyễn Hạ Xuân Nguyên, Kim, Red, whom known for their performance X-Project choreographed by Ngo Thanh Phuong. This gang was also participating in Đôi Khi MV as dancers.
X’s present status: (extremely) dreamy and heart-open.




∞༺ MUSIC ༻∞

༺ Abi Wasabi ༻ (Saigon, Vietnam)
Gãy co-founder.


༺ Anh Phi ༻ (Shanghai, Trung Quốc)
Gãy co-founder.


༺ Animistic Beliefs ༻ (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
Animistic Beliefs are inventing a new, creole musical language. The Rotterdam-based duo of Linh Luu and Marvin Lalihatu repurpose forms from techno and IDM to create exhilarating hybrids, applying a fresh perspective that is both deeply personal and political. Marvin’s Moluccan and Linh’s Vietnamese-Chinese heritage are key inspirations behind the Animistic Beliefs project, and tools through which the duo explore their experience as people of colour living in the Netherlands, a historical centre of colonial power.


༺ Attiss Ngo ༻(Saigon, Vietnam)
Attiss Ngo is a Vietnamese-American composer, producer and audio engineer. Born in the US, he relocated to Vietnam in 2016 to open a studio and dive deep into audio production. He makes music with analog synthesizers and performs live around the world. He released music on Jerome Worldwide, Goldmin Records, and Shift Coordinate Points.
His live set will include contributions from Nic Ford.


༺ Cel-T ༻ (Los Angeles, USA)
Cel-T is an LA-based DJ and one of the co-founding members Gãy. Her style is post-genre and post-club, using music as a means to transcend the ego and unite the collective.


༺ Di Linh ༻ (Hanoi, Vietnam)
Emerging from Hanoi, Di Linh is a young artist from Vietnam. Coming from humble beginnings, her
musical path has grown expeditiously over the years. The young DJ has been s, making a name for herself by using a diverse and colorful music selection. She is also a part of HUM (Hanoi Underground Movement) and resident DJ at Savage.


༺ Xynnh ~ Mor Wen {Glory Affairs} ༻ (Pragua, Czechia)
Mor Wen and Xynnh are Vietnamese siblings born and based in Prague, Czechia. Together they co~created Glory Affairs ~ fluid collective happenings with strangers and friends feeling at home as its main wish~drive~core. Mary and Linh are looking for sincere connections beyond limitations and categorization of genres~media~time~space, collaborating with friends~(non) artists and visitors on the space and sound ~ welcoming and cherishing possible unknown scenarios. Blending exhibition, installation, clubbing environment, home atmosphere, music for bathroom into one affair ~ sharing karaoke microphones, cooking together, sprinkling bubbles and colors on nails and bodies, dancing on {everywhere} dancefloor. Under a live duo project called Wyoxen they simultaneously morph their separate identities into one.

༺ Kim Dürbeck ༻ (Sandefjord, Norway)
Kim Dürbeck makes ambient, jungle and alternative club music. A vietnamese diaspora living in Norway. Collecting records and produce music. Kim will deliver a live set combined with a dj set.


༺ Laifex ༻ (New York City, USA)
Stefan, alias Laifex, came to Saigon to get to know the music and creative scene, as well as the Saigonese lifestyle in general. In Saigon, Stefan found a home with Nhạc Gãy, and though sadly away from Vietnam now, Stefan will continue to represent and project Gãy’s energy abroad... until he finds his way home again .


༺ Maggie Tra ༻ (Hanoi, Vietnam)
A hint of sweet with a dash of spice, spell-bounding smooth selector Maggie Tra uses the world as her playground. The Australian born Vietnamese/Cambodian DJ/Producer’s sets bring finesse and flair to the dance-floor by embracing the culture of the land she's in with wholeness and conviction. The emerging producer uses sounds from her Asian heritage to explore her roots. Maggie’s music will allow you to discover her exceptional artistry.

༺ Mike Phạm ༻ (Sài Gòn, Việt Nam)
A Vung Tau native now based in Ho Chi Minh City. Mike enjoys the fluctuations of contrasting energies. He has partaken in Saigon's underground scene as an electronic/hip-hop DJ since 2015, while he's exploring his sentimental core by writing and producing love songs in his apartment. Mike is a member of Gãy.

༺ Minoto ༻ (Saigon, Vietnam)
Everybody loves Pizza right? 
Exactly! Lovestream Gãy is the place where we show love either through food or through music. Or even just to show your softer side as Minoto enjoys being his own housewife during quarantine lol. Born and raised in Berlin but based in Ho-Chi-Minh since 2018 because of his love for the motherland, playing music is one of his activities he is most known for. But ain’t like this!? 
Specially for our upcoming livestream, Mino will tune an exclusive slow jam mix for you guys. Making it sexy and cozy for all the beauties during lockdown aight!

༺ Nodey ༻ (Saigon, Vietnam)
From Paris Chinatown to Saigon Binh Thanh, Nodey is a music producer who makes beats with legit softwares and can be DJ with serato or rekordbox.

༺ ONY ༻ (London, UK)
ONY is a DJ, producer who has been crafting stories on his genre-bending NTS show. He mines vintage advertising, old foreign films, screwed rap joints and even the occasional pop hit to craft an immersive and strange musical environment. His shows are by turn dark, ethereal and uncanny, often all at once

༺ Phambinho ༻ (London, UK)
Phambinho will be out in the garden with wild hair and wild grass, bringing to you a palette contemporary classical, soundtrack, ambient, darkwave, nhạc Trịnh, nhạc đỏ sounds. He’s hoping to send soothing mix to all his friends and family, new and old, facing difficulties at this moment

༺ Rắn Cạp Đuôi ༻ (Saigon, Vietnam)
Based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Rắn Cạp Đuôi have been challenging their city's perception of sound art and musical experimentation since 2015, when they were all just 16 years old. Made up of multi-instrumentalist and composer Phạm Thế Vũ, bassist and producer jung buffalo (aka Đỗ Tấn Sĩ) and multi-instrumentalist and producer Zach Sch. Rắn Cạp Đuôi just released the critically acclaimed album Ngủ Ngày Ngay Ngày Tận Thế in July on Subtext Recordings.

༺ Suboi ༻ (Saigon, Vietnam)
HÀNG LÂM TRANG ANH (Born January 14, 1990), known by her stage name SUBOI, is a Vietnamese rapper and songwriter. Raised in Saigon, where she lives, SUBOI is one of the first Vietnamese female rapper to become successful in her country and The Guardian calls her “Vietnam’s queen of hip hop”
Suboi is able to rap in both English and Vietnamese, making her unique from most rappers in Vietnam. Her lyrics are typically introspective yet outspoken and deal with family, love, social pressures and daily life in Vietnam

༺ Sức khỏe ༻ (Saigon, Vietnam)
With no particular focus, Sức khỏe is from New York and living in Saigon.
Gãy member.


༺ Tiny Giant ༻ (Hanoi, Vietnam)
Tiny Giant is a Hanoi-based live music duo composed of LinhHafornow and Tomes.


༺ Vincent Yuen Ruiz ༻ (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Vincent Yuen Ruiz is a Swiss musician based in Copenhagen. His Vietnamese heritage comes from his mother's side of the family. He works primarily as a double bass player and composer. For Gãy Lovestream, he will present "Above": a slow, meditative and enveloping work for piano. A quiet statement that allows the listener to swim into resonances and find refuge into a sea of colourful sounds. The minimalism in the music pushes to a closer listen, close enough to feel as if diving into the depths of the instruments where each note reveals a whole universe.




Artwork : Bo / Dogma
Design : Cong Thanh Huynh

'Cám ơn mọi người đã tham gia cùng Gãy hôm qua. Bọn mình thực sự biết ơn vì đã có thể chia sẻ cùng nhau một ngày tuyệt vời và ý nghĩa như thế.

Đến giờ, bọn mình đã kêu gọi được hơn 110,000,000 VND và tổng cộng đã có hơn 12,000 người theo dõi chương trình.

Các bạn vẫn có thể đóng góp cho đến thứ Bảy 04/09 ( trước khi bọn mình gửi tiền cho các tổ chức từ thiện.

Chúng ta sẽ cùng nhau vượt qua thời gian này. Mong mọi người giữ sức khoẻ, an toàn và tinh thần lạc quan nhé!



Thank you all for joining Gãy yesterday. We are truly grateful to be able to share such a wonderful and meaningful day together. So far, we have raised more than 110,000,000 VND and a total of more than 12,000 people have watched the program. You can still donate until Saturday 4 September ( before we send money to charities. We're going to get through this time together. Hope you all stay healthy, safe and optimistic!



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