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Olga Krykun ─ WALK WITH ME

WALK WITH ME | Olga Krykun

30 min, nonverbal

During the current pandemic situation, a walk in nature is one of the few remaining activities that can be experienced outside the home. The issue of mental health is still somewhat neglected and pushed to the background of the problems associated with the pandemic, yet it remains to be a key factor for good physical health. That is why this psycho-meditative walk through the apocalyptic landscape was created, which is here for your relaxation and unwinding after mentally demanding months.

Concept: Olga Krykun

Music: Glory Affairs, Mor Wen / Maa Rii, Xynnh

Olga Krykun (born 1994 in Odessa, Ukraine, lives and works in Prague) graduated from the Department of Liberal Arts at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. He works mainly with the medium of video, sound and performance. She combines elements of story-telling with contemporary symbolism and her projects evoke surreal feelings of trance.


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