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Omar El Sadek as known as Qow is an audiovisual and inter-disciplinary artist specialising in electronic sound production and animated visuals. He’s currently based in Prague, where he studies Fine Arts & Experimental Media. Omar’s work and sound pieces focus mainly on experimenting with the fragile nature of his surroundings including himself. On the visual side, he takes a similar direction investing in the poetic beauty of imperfections, both visually and conceptually. This principle is mostly visible in his works with artists such as ZULI, MSYLMA, Drew McDowall and Know V.A. Visual work has been exhibited at European audiovisual festivals such as Unsound Festival in Krakow, and Lunchmeat Festival in Prague. Other works & commissioned soundtracks were for directors like: Tahoun, Selim, different commercial clients and independent short films like (House Of The Flying Architect), which was awarded the Best Overall Contribution medal at the 2018 London Biennale. 

𓆈 at Glory Affairs,
transmission host at Ma3azef radio,
doing his thing at QQQ,
 collector of  
♡ shapes

"Sharp edges, clicks and spikes – interdisciplinary artist OMAR EL SADEK aka QOW balances on the cliff between exploration and protection." (PW-Magazine)

"Dawafer is a cohesive album, distinctive for its flowing sounds, shifting dynamics and general immersive mood." (Ma3azef)

“A balance of exploration and protection, Dawafer (Arabic for fingernails) is a personal album that’s as exhausting as any given Wednesday in my Cairo. All tracks on this album were constructed by the constant interruptions of the curious inspective nails, the sharp protective nails, and the stressed out self-bitten nails. The album’s artwork is a self-portrait set in the evening of that same Wednesday.”
Released March 17, 2021
Produced by Omar El Sadek

2o22 Shape Platform Artists.png



        10_12 Glory Affairs. Ankali. Prague.

      12_11 Glory Affairs. Bike_Jesus. Prague

    o7_11 NTS radio. ZULI invites Ghul Mashghul

  o5_11 Mutant Radio x Ankali stream. Planeta Za

 2o_1o Glory Affairs : SKIDZ. Grid

 11_o8 Cafe Oto. London

  o5~o7_o8 Bukolika is a dancing plague. Glory Affairs lake station. Přelouč

  21_o7 live w/ Mor Wen. Petrohradská. Prague

   15_o7 Deviant. b2b Mor Wen. Planeta Za. Prague

     o3_o7 ASFÃR by C1 Collective. Remise Berlin

      21_o5 Glory Affairs: Sub*merged. Ankali. Prague

        o7_o5 gin&PLATOnic. + Lutto Lente. PLATO Ostrava

       28~o5 HEARTNOIZE Tančírna + ZULI, Mor Wen, New Magic Media. Mariánské Lázně

      13_o5 Æntity.One.Default. Vitamin 61500. Brno

     15_o4 Toldi Club. Budapest

    27_o3 + Space Afrika, Racine. Meetfactory. Prague

   o5_o3 Glory Affairs studio opening. Planeta Za

  18_o2 Ankali Reopening. Prague

28_o1 Diera do Sveta. Liptovský Mikuláš.



11_12 LAS #8. Farby Anniversary. Poznań19_11 FIK Festival. FIKOF Program. Řehole presents. Ústí nad Labem

11_o8 Illegal Files. Bardo Club. Cairo

28_o7 GENOT #4 presents. AV with Abadir. Divadlo Archa. Prague

15_o6 Petrohradská. Prague

23_o5 Transmission For Palestine. Radio Laude stream

26_o4 Cashmere Radio



11_12 GenotPresents_PurrPurra2.020. Divadlo Archa. Prague

1o~12.1o Unsound Solidarity. Noce Klubowe W Hotelu Forum. Krakow

o3_1o Lunchmeat Festival. Prague. AV with Know V.A.

11_o9 w/Keya. Kampus Hybernská. Prague

o3~o5_o7 Nyege Nyege Festival. The Egyptian Leather Pavilion. MSYLMA feat Ismail & Omar El Sadek

3o_o8 Punctum meets Genot Centre. Radio Punctum



31_12 Glory Affairs: Spirit ◞(。•̀ᴗ-)~ 2020 ・ 。 • ✧

o6_12 Gin&Platonic: Platonic #02. OtvOr v Docku. Ostrava

14_12 PurrPurra2.019 // Vánoční besídka Genot Centre

21_10 AV for Proces : Drew McDowall presents "The Third Helix". Hól.

o5_o5 Performance Crossings Festival. Holešovická Šachta

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