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Our friend Olga Krykun proposed to collaborate on her project Walk With Me ~ a virtual walk through nature and various sights to perhaps provide some sort of way to unwind during nerve wracking times.

Olga prepared a 30min footage of a walk through natural and industrial landscape in Serbia. 🎥🏚️🌳🏞️⛵
Based on the imagery, WyoXen [Glory Affairs] created the accompanying improvised soundscape at Prague's home.

A walk in nature is one of the few activities that could be performed away from home in spite of the pandemic-related restrictions. The topic of mental health on the backdrop of the pandemic is still being neglected in the public discourse, although it's a vital factor of human wellbeing. This magical meditative walk was created for you to relax and recalibrate your mind after a period of time which has been extremely demanding on our psyche.

Concept: Olga Krykun
Sound & music: Glory AffairsMor Wen/ Maa Rii + Xynnh {Wyoxen]

Olga Krykun (b. 1994 in Odessa, UA, lives and works in Prague) studies at the Department of Fine Arts at The Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. She works predominantly within the mediums of video, audio and performance. Combining elements of story-telling with contemporary symbols, her works evoke a kind of trance-like surrealism.

streamed from Alfred ve dvoře

press F11, mix different speeds and parts of video 

for full screen playground experience

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