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"once upon a time, after she heard their noises dropping before sunset, she wrote in her diary: “Xynnh’s creation assembles mystical affects through the dance of beats, touch of winds, cues of critters, oscillating magical-realism in to lovely uncanniness as hyper-sonic frequencies of liquid spirituality and saudade tales…"

 //oxipeng~~ summer 2021//

Dopamine supplier at Glory Affairs,

sprinkling bean sprouts at Vietev,

wearing a straw hat at Planeta Za,

rediscovering himself as WyoXen,

:): at saudade.

Xynnh Fluido.jpg


10_12 Glory Affairs. Ankali

12_11 Glory Affairs: Submerged #2. Bike Jesus

29_10 Unfinished Project Vernissage. The Chemistry Gallery

29_1o Fluido. Planeta Za

2o_1o Glory Affairs: SKIDZ #1. Grid
19_o9 sonic-fiction invites Xynnh. Radio Kapital 

1o_o9 Glory Affairs x Punctum Krásovka

o9_o9 Glory Affairs x UNIZONE. Stalin

o3_o9 Řehole

28_o8 OutsideininsideoutinsideoutoutsideiN. Torhaus Wehlen. Saxon Switzerland

o5~o7.o8 Bukolika is a dancing plague ~ Glory Affairs lake station

17_o6 Ankali Anniversary

o5_o3 Glory Affairs studio opening

14_o2 Anna Ruth Dernissage. Poco Bar



 04_09 Fluido. Planeta Za

28_08 OutsideininsideoutinsideoutoutsideiN. _-𝖒(- 𝔲-)𝓵𝓽𝓲-𝕪𝕠(- 𝕦-)𝓾-𝓼-𝓶(- 𝓾-)𝖑𝖙𝖎- ̄ Torhaus Wehlen. Saxon Switzerland
29_08 Gãy lovestream. streamed from Saigon

20_08 XENO. Fuga. Bratislava

06_08 Bukolika ⁘ β ⁘ ν ⁘ ς ⁘ σ ⁘ ∫ ⁘ ι ⁘ ς ⁘ α²ᵍ²¹, with Xynnh

31_07 Glory Affairs ✹ ~ Planeta Za
23_07 INTERVIEW. Office by S1

11_03 Olga Krykun: Walk With Me, Alfred ve dvoře, stream



31_10 Eiswerder, with Mor Wen, Alois Yang
10_10 Closing of Spodní Světlo
29_09 Lunchmeat Festival x Ankali x Glory Affairs
11_09 Outsideininsideout & Glory Affairs, Cross Attic
29_08 Outsideininsideout, Saxon Switzerland, live set
15_08 Ankali ~ Planeta Za (opening)
15_08 Wrong x BCAA: Secret Rave, live with Mor Wen
01_08 Rush Festival, Altenburg
31_07 Harmony x nite vibes, live with Mor Wen, Retenční nádrž Braník
26_07 TREEPARTY KARNEVAL, live with Mor Wen
21_07 Biennale Matter of Art, H40, live + b2b with Mor Wen all night long
16_07 Festival náletových dřevin, live with Mor Wen, Invalidovna
10~12_07 Glory Affairs: Spirit Field, Poland
03_07 Antivirus A, Ankali
27_06 Transforma Tábor, live
14_06 Ankali (Emergency) Anniversary
04_04 Virtual Healing: Glory Affairs - Spirit, stream
21_02 PERSONA x Glory Affairs, Hól
29_01 UMPRUM Artsemester, live with Mor Wen, Futurum
25_01 Glory Affairs: Lunar Affair

Xynnh Fluido.jpg


31_12 Glory Affairs: Spirit ◞(。•̀ᴗ-)~ 2020 ・ 。 • ✧
19_12 UMPRUM Xmas Party, The Sculpture Studio, live
29_11 CUKR modul
29_11 Fluido #01, Swim
16_11 Glory Affairs x Radio Laude: Saudade, Laude
15_11 3 Wrong Years, Bike_Jesus
26_10 xxx, Bike_Jesus
10_09 Glory Affairs: Symbiotik, Bike_Jesus
30_08 Cukr
21_08 Makkali_org, Petrohradská
19_07 About You, God and Your Dog, The Solution.
17_07 Glory Affairs: Spirit #4
18_07 Creepy Teepee Afterparty, Bike_Jesus
12_07 Glory Affairs: Spirit #3
28_06 Glory Affairs: Spirit #2
14_06 Umprum: Climate crisis, Anežský klášter



10_03 Glory Affairs: Spirit #1


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