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One night of curating the ambient stage at Hól before the sudden pandemic hit, next to Persona fast tempo space.


friends sharing seats and carpets:

axonbody {live}

Xynnh {live}

Aloïs Yang {live}

Ecor I

Mor Wen b2b Sinnan


mixing from a sofa

modulating from a carpet

sitting on a bench

a professor dancing on a table

with a small umbrella

potato chips

broken mirror reflections

Julijána's old Christmas lights

potted plants from the living rooms

purple velvet

beige barells

transparent fabric

falling reeds

friends coming early

leaving late

Fabio singing

camoulfage nets

music from memory

diy puppets

branches on the walls

logs picked from the fields

paper eye masks

toasts with tomatoes

blue silk


Broken mirror by Al Yak Ya


Ball installation by Tina Hrevušova


Analog haze by Ann Štěpánová

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